Stock trading systems provide quite a few advantages to investors since they provide a way to manage investments, measure markets, manage risks and earn profits in a way that is consistent, free from emotion and trackable. There are countless systems out there, each with varying degrees of success behind them and suitability to traders’ needs. So, when it comes to selecting, or even building one of your own, what should you be considering to ensure that a better chance of meeting your objectives and fitting into your trading style or way of life?


A stock trading system, or trading platform, is a piece of software that allows investors and traders to manage their market positions. Through them, traders can open and close orders for stock through a financial intermediary. They also let investors set up automated trading times or signals, or to do so in real-time; while being able to make decisions through easily viewable, understandable and measurable statistics which help them more accurately predict movements in the market. Now that you understand what a trading platform is, how do you go about selecting the right one?


Your trading goals should include factors such as your lifestyle, ideal amount of time spent trading each day, as well as your profit objective and dragdown tolerance. Your dragdown should be measures in single maximums, monthly maximums, and maximum lengths.

By mapping out comprehensive trading goals before you start, you will not only be able to select a trading system that works for you and your situation, buy will also give yourself a way of measuring the success of your trading system, and will likely find it much easier generating profits and managing your risks.


The appropriate trading strategy will depend largely on what type of investor you are, the type of stocks you are trading in, and your overall experience in the market. Having said this, you need to select a strategy which makes the process easy for you as opposed to causing frustration, generates little stress, results in fewer mistakes, and of course makes you the most profit.


If you have set up clear trading goals and have already begun trading, it is essential to measure the success of your trading system to see how well it fits in with your goals. If you have overshot or achieved your goals, then your trading system will require little to no tweaking, though you should always keep an eye on metrics to ensure that it is working out consistently. An important part of moving forward is to look for ways to minimize on trading mistakes while expanding your understanding, all the while continually developing your trading strategy and risk management approaches to better achieve your trading goals.


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