How soon can I start trading?

You can start trading as soon as you are comfortable with placing trades.   For some people this can be a week, for others it can be months

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is online and designed for the learner to work at their own pace.

Will I receive a qualification after completing the course?

Once the Apply Financial Analysis module, which forms part of the Stock Market 101 course, is completed, externally assessed and moderated and a Certificate of Competence is issued, you will receive 4 credits.  If the student elects to work through this module, without being assessed and moderated, credits will not be allocated. The choice is that of the student.

Where do I access my training material?

All training material is online and accessible through the website by clicking the Student Login button and entering the username and password you received via email.  Attending lectures at Head Office Campus in Woodmead is an optional.

Are there payment plans for the course?

There are 2 payment options for the course:

  1. Full Amount Upfront
  2. % Instalment Upfront then small monthly payments for 36 months
Where do I sign up for the course?

A consultant will call you OR you can click on register now!

Will I be a stockbroker after completing the course?

No, you will be a trader, placing trades for yourself, not for anyone else.

Is there risk or is making money a guarantee?

There is calculated risk if you apply the relevant parameters suggested in the course, there are no guarantees.

How long does it take to open a trading account?

72 hours

How soon after registering will I have access to my training material?

On registration you will receive your username and password.

Does the course cover Forex Trading.

Yes it does.

Do I need to attend classes?

No, the training is online.  Classes are for refresher purposes.

Will I be assessed or write tests?


Do you offer webinars?

Yes we do.

What support will I receive if I don’t attend classes.

Daily and weekly webinars, online training videos, telephone support with all lecturers, technical support and traders.


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