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Margin List

Knowing what percentage margin is required before entering a trade can be found on a margin list. A Margin List has a list of all CFD’s available to trade as well as the relevant margin. The latest margin list is available on the LMS under Resources.

An example below shows the information you can expect to find on a Margin List. It shows the CFD Short Code, the Long name of the company trading, whether or not the company is tradable – listed (tradable) / delisted (not tradable), what the margin requirement is and if you can perform Short trades on the CFD. 

Click here for the Margin List Rates


Get to know more about our team members:

Damian Collins

How long have I been with Stock Market College?

I started working for Stock Market College in 2015 and ever since then it has opened my eyes to BIGGER opportunities and ways to make multiple streams of income.

When did I start Trading the Financial Markets?

I started trading the Financial markets in 2016. My trading started with CFDs (Contracts for Difference) and moved over to Forex where I’ve learnt that knowledge is power and working smarter to make money is better than working harder.

How would you describe yourself?

I’ve got zest for life, am outgoing and give my whole heart to something I believe in.  I’m a soccer and vehicle fanatic, and  a food lover. I love lecturing and passing on the knowledge I’ve learnt through the books I’ve read and the experiences I’ve been through. I’m very easy to talk to and a good listener too.


A guideline to follow to make your trading journey both exciting and successful.

Trading Room

Zander will be running the QuickTrade trading room next week Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 13:00 AND 18:00 – 19:00. Join him and advance your trading skills with Zoom, ID 6938111101


Classes run in the evenings and Saturday mornings

Zoom ID’s will no longer be sent to students, going forward students will only be able to access a class via the LMS.

QuickTrade Trading Mentors Details

Roger Holdsworth:
ID: 610-048-7682
Mobile: 061 529 3431 roger@quicktrade.co.za
Sihle Ngema: 
ID: 975-212-8933
Mobile: 061 520 7588 sihle@quicktrade.co.za
Tawanda Tali: 
ID: 787-396-5451
Mobile: 061 510 6408 tawanda@quicktrade.co.za
Moses Murwira: 
ID: 994-404-9137
Mobile: 061 511 0425 moses@quicktrade.co.za
Mongi Khumalo: 
ID: 283-612-4300
Mobile: 061 501 5643 mongi@quicktrade.co.za
Stanley Makgamathe: 
ID: 278-284-6381
Mobile: 061 507 0596 stanley@quicktrade.co.za
Zander Van Der Merwe: 
ID: 444-887-4533
Mobile: 645 086 454 zander@quicktrade.co.za
Sydney Maidza (Botswana):
ID: 963-106-1298
Mobile: +267 77 559 521 sydney@quicktrade.co.bw

What our students say

”Hi Ashley. My guy…I really really enjoy your classes. Your passion with this surely comes through and one is always engaged. I especially like the level of detail you put into your classes. You have broken the technical analysis down to a very easy science. I used to get foggy when I use the different time frames coz I couldn’t link monthly, weekly and daily charts with what they were communicating. Everytime I attend the class, things make more sense and I have become stronger in my prediction and my win ratio has increased.“


Good morning Ashley,
Thank you so much for your sessions. You value and encourage each and every participant.Forex trading is simplified .I am gaining confidence every day .I had given up on trading but after your lessons I am starting again. Your method of talking tous rather that read through the slides really helps.Your illustrations especially helps in simplifying the ideas and concepts . Thank you once again I look forward to your lessons


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