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New evening classes


We have been overwhelmed by the number of students attending our evening classes. The feedback has been superb with students saying we should have done this a long time ago.

Despite the devastating effects of Covid-19 on our country and economy, it has brought about a virtual revival in our business. Your input is always appreciated. Any queries, question or suggestions can be made via our new live chat facility.

NEW CLASS SCHEDULE (Evenings and Saturday Morning)

For the new class schedule and Zoom ID’s CLICK HERE


PLEASE NOTE: ALL ZOOM CLASSES will take place in the evening from 6pm – 9pm. Lectures will continue on Friday 1 May despite it being a public holiday.

Support on our Live Chat

For any support queries please visit our website chat facility and select the relevant department.

Trading Room

Zander will be running the QuickTrade trading room next week Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 13:00 AND 18:00 – 19:00. Join him and advance your trading skills with Zoom, ID 6938111101

QuickTrade Trading Mentors Details

Roger Holdsworth:
ID: 610-048-7682
Mobile: 061 529 3431
Sihle Ngema: 
ID: 975-212-8933
Mobile: 061 520 7588
Tawanda Tali: 
ID: 787-396-5451
Mobile: 061 510 6408
Moses Murwira: 
ID: 994-404-9137
Mobile: 061 511 0425
Mongi Khumalo: 
ID: 283-612-4300
Mobile: 061 501 5643
Stanley Makgamathe: 
ID: 278-284-6381
Mobile: 061 507 0596
Zander Van Der Merwe: 
ID: 444-887-4533
Mobile: 645 086 454
Sydney Maidza (Botswana):
ID: 963-106-1298
Mobile: 061 505 2313


Steps for new students

Often students don’t read or watch the relevant video’s to guide them as to where to start. Please use the below guidelines to assist you through your trading journey and make the start of your trading journey both exciting and successful.

STEP 1: Open your REAL QuickTrade trading account:

  • In order to place a trade your Real account must be funded

STEP 2: Access your online Learning Management System

  • Go to and Student Login
  • Watch the relevant video’s to show how to navigate the LMS
  • Class recordings available under training video’s
  • All trading tools available under Resources eg trading calculators, margin list

STEP 3: Attend Orientation (Saturdays Only)

  •  Be clear of what is expected of you

STEP 4: Attend Platform Training

  • MetaTrader 5 must be loaded on your devices in order for you to attend and your Real trading account

STEP 5: Attend CFD lectures

  • If you are new to trading it is recommended to attend the CFD lectures before the Forex lectures. If you have a certain level of understanding of how to trade and the concepts of trading, you may attend either CFD’s or Forex.

STEP 6: Attend the Trading Room

  • Spend a day or two in the trading room applying your CFD knowledge.

STEP 7: Attend Forex lectures

  • The ins and outs of trading Forex

STEP 8: Attend the Trading Room

  • Once you have attend all lectures attend the trading room as often as possible to learn the ins and outs of analysing the market and placing actual trades.

STEP 9: Attend Affiliate training

  • Learn how to earn a passive income from multiple streams of income.

What our students say

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