Good day Afika

Kudos to you for being one of the very few distinctive teaching methodology. Your class has been very interactive, precise and knowlege bound.

CFD Lecture

Hi Afika , I enjoyed ur lecture and I’ve learned a lot about fundamentals, things I didn’t know before, Thanks a lot, you are a star.

Rebecca Remoale
Lecture – CFD’s

Hi Ash 
Your class is immensely informative and very helpful to my knowledge on forex trading. I believe that you have a hell of a lot more information that can be of aid to me in my tenure in this college and I appreciate your engagement and energy during class . Absolutely spotless!

Kenneth Teffo

This week I attended Ashleys forex classes and I am thoroughly impressed by the way he conducted the classes. He took the time to connect with each and everyone of us and regularly checked in if we understood. He was able to break concepts down into manageable pieces and would then build on said concepts when he was certain we had the foundation. I will be attending his classes regularly.

Iman Bawa
Forex Lecture

Hi Afika

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for everything you have taught me this week. I’ve learned more in one week than I’ve learned on my own. You are a great teacher.

Nico Brandan Hansen
CFD Lecture

”Hi Ashley, I really wanted to get more out of today’s class but my connection was very unstable and kept kicking me out of the meeting. As a result I lost out on huge chunks of the class. I wish I could do a rewind mate. However, I am sure the class was as revealing as almost all of your classes are. You’re full of energy and you show a lot of enthusiasm for what you do. I really really always enjoy your classes.“

Lungi Gwele

”Hi Ashley

Thank you for the lessons, they have been very enlightening

As this was my first week in SMC I really learnt a lot.

– I learnt how to interpret the news and information to apply it to the trades
– I learnt how to read a graph and see where the opportunities are
– I learnt how to read a candlestick graph as it was very confusing
– I learnt the value of how to read the different types graphs and use the info they are telling me
– I learnt how to use the MT5 app on the computer better
– I learnt how to see higher highs and lower lows
– I learnt what pips are, and the best ratios
– best of all I learnt to be patient with forex and how to wait for the best opportunity

I will definitely be seeing you on Monday. Thank you for really empowering me, great class!!!“

Ryan Fuller
Forex Lecture

”Just exquisite, beginning to have lightbulb moments about currencies.“

P Gwashavanhu


“Elaborate and passionate”
Forex Beginner


”Brilliant! On point, gave critical DIRECTION!! Viva Ashley, Viva.“

D Moloisane


“I am so proud to be one of the college students. I only find myself how much favour I did for myself. A product worth buying. I can already see the light far away but getting closer every minute”

M J Maluleka

“Very useful course, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue a career in trading. You will feel and see what you are paying for”

Thatho Mthembu

“Excellent work done by the facilitator. He really knows his work. Keep it up Ashley.”

Gabriel Setlhako

“The material is mind-blowing. Very informative. The facilitator is very knowledgable on his subject matter.”

Mandipha Dlakano

“…taught me a lot about markets, shares, currencies ect. I now know that nothing is impossible. I would recommend Stock Market College to anyone who would like to live the reality of their dreams.”

Tebogo Kabelo Koza

“…the signals and lectures including the trading platform really simplifies the use of the platform which i would recommend to anyone interested out there who wants to start trading and participating in the financial markets.”

Briss Mudau

”Excellent:  valuable lessons;  interesting combination of how to link course with the actual market” The Trading Room

Tebatso Rapetsoa

“Facilitation is excellent.  Examples are tangible. Presentation skill is good.” Introduction to CFD’s and Platform Training

Qedi Simelane

“Very good course showing all the basic computer or IT issues making it very easy to explore and move around without problems.” Platform Training

Martin Dzviti

”First Timer but I already feel like a million bucks”
Introduction to CFD’s

Reuben Du Pisanie

“Very good basic info, most appreciated. I take nothing for granted”
Fundamental Analysis

Martin Dzviti

“The course was very interesting and an eye opener.” Risk Calculator

That Mphela

“Awesome lecture!!!! Top notch! CFD’s became more clearer and I now have a better understanding of trades I can makel. I can’t wait to start trading” Introduction to CFD’s

Randy Nkambule

“Excellent facilitator, well explained the work. Gopolang has a vibrant attitude towards the content of the work which makes me excited to attend class” Trading Room

Juanita van Vuuren

“Lerato explains everything in detail and also in such a way that is simple to comprehend. Her subject knowledge is quite impressive. I personally will benefit from this course” Forex Intro

Tshepiso Martins

”…A journey to financial freedom and happiness for obtaining the knowledge to reach my dreams and goals. Providing me with the tools to help me be a better and wealthier version of myself. The future now looks profitable.“

Ivan Paul Spyrov

“It’s a great way of making money, even though there’s still hard work to be done. It’s a fascinating course to study” Forex

Tabatso Rapetsoa

“The class was fantastic, the facilitator was knowledgeable and willing to help students. It was extremely helpful to understand the basic concepts of trading” Intro to CFD’s

Busisiwe Ntshwane

“It’s a great way of making money, even though there’s still hard work to be done. It’s a fascinating course to study” Forex

Tabatso Rapetsoa


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