Savvy investors know the importance of having adaptable strategies when building their portfolios. By having a dynamic set of investments that were made through careful consideration of the state of money-markets, your investments will be better protected and will stand to give you more. So if you are looking to flesh out your investment portfolio this year, here are some options which are looking like they will be investment market dominators as time goes on. Contact us now to find out more about taking advantage of unique investment opportunities this year.

Watching the Investment Terrain

This year looks like it will be characterised by political changes that will bring investment opportunities back into the sphere of South African businesses following the resignation of former president, Jacob Zuma. Beyond that, some serious movements are being made in the industries of technology and aerospace, specifically where drones and space-travel are concerned. Enterprises into alternative energy sources may also present strong investment opportunities, while cryptocurrencies are becoming more lucrative and popular by the day.

Investing in South Africa

Valentine’s day 2018 saw South Africa’s long-standing and corrupt president Jacob Zuma step down as leader of South Africa with Cyril Ramaphosa taking up the reigns. This previous labour union leader and successful businessman seems to have the skills and experience necessary to boost South African business and investment across the board. For investors, this means that now is the time to put their hope and investments back into local businesses, which will likely grow in value as the year moves forward.

The Current of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies, despite their volatility and criticism are growing in popularity, usability and value by the hour, with infrequent dips in value that generally catch up in little time. Bitcoin is currently the strongest and most popular of these choices, though there are plenty of different cryptocurrencies in trade circulation at the moment. Remember that they can be purchased and used either as a currency or as a commodity, with the latter being the best approach to using them for long-term investments.

Tech and Aerospace

This year is seeing governments and institutions all over the world pumping huge sums of money into research and development in the technical and aerospace fields. Whether for space travel, drones, digital communication or network infrastructure and hardware development, there are plenty of avenues under this investment category to sink your teeth into.

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