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What makes a good trader?

In order to become a successful trader, there are six key areas an individual needs to develop in.

Research: be competent in researching securities to find the relevant data that will affect the financial market, be able to understand it and apply it to their trading.

Analysis: be competent in their analysis of charts, be able to understand and apply technical indicators.

Emotion: be emotionally adept in their relations to price movements and market news, be able to identify their emotion and refrain from emotions influencing their trades.

Control: be able to identify a trading style that compliments their trading and employ it the various market environments, applying risk management to their trading.

Focus: be competent in knowledge of trading instruments, be able to focus their attention on knowledge of the various instruments and sectors of the market and applying their knowledge to trading decisions.

Historic Analytics: Be competent in recording all trades and analysing their past performance applying measures to better their trades.

The Financial Markets Education is designed to prepare the student in all areas of competency. On completion, the student will have the necessary knowledge needed to trade the markets and have proved themselves competent.


Order Types

In view of the risks that arise when trading in volatile markets, you should consider the various types of order that are available on the MT5 platform that can be utilised to limit or manage any risk or strategy.

MT5 offers the following order types, however, not all types may be available for certain instruments classes. The order types available on MT5 are:

1. Market Order
An order to buy or sell a specified instrument as soon as possible at the best immediate price obtainable in the market. This order type is designed to ensure execution of the full quantity specified (without regard for price).

2. Limit Order
Limit orders are commonly used to enter a market and to take profit at predefined levels. Limit orders to buy are placed below the current market price and are executed when the ask price hits or breaches the price level specified. Limit orders to sell are placed above the current market price, and are executed when the bid price hits or breaches the price level specified. When a limit order is triggered, it is filled as soon as possible at the price specified or better. Note that the price at which your order is filled may differ from the price you set for the order if the opening price of the market is better than your limit price.

Limit orders may also partially fill if there is not enough volume available at the level you specify. The remaining portion of a partially filled order may be deleted or left in the market. Take Profit orders are a form of Limit Order.

3. Stop Order
Stop orders are commonly used to exit positions and to protect against trading losses. Stop orders to sell are placed below the current market level and are executed when the Bid price hits or breaches the price level specified. Stop orders to buy are placed above the current market level and are executed when the Ask price hits or breaches the price level specified. If the Bid price for sell orders (or the Ask price for buy orders) is hit or breached, the order becomes a market order and is filled as soon as possible at the price obtainable in the market. Note that this price may differ from the price you set for the order – the price you set is purely the trigger point at which the market or is sent.

Know your theory in order to trade better.


A guideline to follow to make your trading journey both exciting and successful.

Trading Room

Zander will be running the QuickTrade trading room next week Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 13:00 AND 18:00 – 19:00. Join him and advance your trading skills with Zoom, ID 6938111101


Get to know more about our team members:

Jacques De Beer

How long have I been with Stock Market College?

I started in May 2005 at Stock Market College Head Office

When did I start Trading the Financial Markets?

1998 – Equity Markets
2001 – Warrants 
2002 – Forex
2004 – Single Stock Futures
2006 – CFD’s and Indices like the ALSI40
2012 – Commodities

How would you describe yourself?

I am a husband and father of 2 awesome boys. I like to travel and see the world, animal lover, exploring museums, hunting, observing people and a huge sports fan. I love my work and helping others to trade.


Classes run in the evenings and Saturday mornings

Zoom ID’s will no longer be sent to students, going forward students will only be able to access a class via the LMS.

QuickTrade Trading Mentors Details

Roger Holdsworth:
ID: 610-048-7682
Mobile: 061 529 3431 roger@quicktrade.co.za
Sihle Ngema: 
ID: 975-212-8933
Mobile: 061 520 7588 sihle@quicktrade.co.za
Tawanda Tali: 
ID: 787-396-5451
Mobile: 061 510 6408 tawanda@quicktrade.co.za
Moses Murwira: 
ID: 994-404-9137
Mobile: 061 511 0425 moses@quicktrade.co.za
Mongi Khumalo: 
ID: 283-612-4300
Mobile: 061 501 5643 mongi@quicktrade.co.za
Stanley Makgamathe: 
ID: 278-284-6381
Mobile: 061 507 0596 stanley@quicktrade.co.za
Zander Van Der Merwe: 
ID: 444-887-4533
Mobile: 645 086 454 zander@quicktrade.co.za
Sydney Maidza (Botswana):
ID: 963-106-1298
Mobile: +267 77 559 521 sydney@quicktrade.co.bw

What our students say

”Hi Ashley – Fantastic training, from nothing until we arrived to stop loss and Take profit. You are a great and talented lecture. I have noticed every lecture you do, you explain in a different way but same goal, you have different strategies,
example if I didn’t understand last week, this week I understand. You are an ASSET to Stock Market College ( if you didn’t know that ), I am glad I have attended this college before you go or leave this college. Hopefully you are still going to stay. Please continue with your talent. As you always talk emotionally in the trading industry. I made trade and gained profits and I also lost trade, that is when I remembered all the introductions of training.“

Sipho Nkala

Hi Ashley’ lesson are so enjoyable and opens up your mind for self dependence. He does not only teach about Forex but equips you with a life making decision skill. He makes sure every one in class participates and makes every one laugh

Villiah Milo

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