Why Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been on the trading market for some time now, and as such they have grown in popularity and diversity in a pattern that seems to show no signs of slowing down. First the Bitcoin broke the bank as something alternative, outside of the control of the world banks, and then scores of others followed in its path, many of which leverage their own value off of the Bitcoin in the way smaller world-currencies do with the US dollar. Even though these types of investments are characterised by a volatile market and incredibly high underlying values, they are still drawing investors from all over the world in, and with good reason. If you have been a little untrusting of the new digital-currency revolution we are in the midst of, here are a few good reasons to finally jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and start turning a profit from them.

Stable Annual Growth

While cryptocurrencies are generally volatile, their long-term growth patterns actually aren’t. All, if not most cryptocurrencies have a fairly stable rate of annual growth which ensures that patient investors stand to make some kind of profit, provided they can hold it all together during what will likely be a turbulent investment period. Yes, the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates heavily from price to price, but these changes happen on a daily or weekly basis. When looked at over a longer period, they tend to grow stably as the years go on. This means that they can make for excellent long-term investments, or can be used in the short term.

Short Term Volatility means Shorter Investments

Investors who are looking to turn a profit in the short term, can also do so with cryptocurrencies, provided they keep a close eye on their movements through the markets, and select those that have the best overall performance. Their prices fluctuate rapidly, meaning investments in the short term can either carry plenty of risk, or can indeed turn out to be very profitable; it all depends on how smartly you play the market, and how much capital you invest in them.

Can be A Commodity or a Currency

Since cryptocurrencies function as both a currency and a commodity, they can be looked at as an investment solution, or simply as a way to make payments (especially on peer-to-peer services or online). So, if you buy into them as an investor of a commodity, but then find that their lowered transfer costs make them better as a payment scheme, you can use them either way.

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